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Brookings considers possible crosswalk

BROOKINGS – Following a fatal pedestrian crash last fall in Brookings, the Oregon Department of Transportation and the city have been actively working to find a solution to a nearly 30 mile stretch of Highway 101 seemingly without pedestrian crooswalks.

In the past few years the area on 101 around Lucky Lane has seen an increase in the number of residences and businesses, increasing pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle traffic. ODOT conducted a study in 2013 to determine the best place for a crosswalk and the best type of crosswalk in the area, but momentum increased following the fatal collision in 2014. Since then,  the city has seen several proposals for the safety feature and a tentative plan is in place, pending one final city council meeting on January 26th. If passed, the city will draft a letter of support to begin work. The sidewalk will be entirely funded by ODOT.

"Granted, a crosswalk or no amount of design or education or enforcement can guarantee safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorists. But I think it’s clear that a crosswalk would enhance, to some degree, pedestrian safety when crossing 101 in that area,” Lt. Donny Dotson, with the Brookings Police Department, said.