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Burglary in Eureka - Two men take flat screen TV

A homeowner was awakened in the early morning hours in Eureka when burglars allegedly stole his flat screen TV.

Sheriff’s Deputies were called at around 4:25 AM to a house on the 2400 block of Cypress Avenue in Eureka. A 57-year old male victim said he and his 77-year old mother were asleep in the house when flashlights awakened him in his hallway. When he walked down the hallway he discovered the front door open and his flat screen TV missing.

The victim witnessed two males wearing dark clothing allegedly putting his television in the rear of a dark colored two-door sedan and driving away. When law enforcement arrived, they did not see any forced entry and nothing else was missing. The victim told deputies the front door must have been accidentally left open.

Authorities want to remind the public to always lock their doors, have sensor lights on your property and join or start a neighborhood watch program in your area.