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Business owner in Trinidad thinks upcoming road construction will hurt business

TRINIDAD- To reduce pollutants from entering the bay, the City of Trinidad will undergo a Stormwater Improvement Project over the summer.

Preliminary stages of construction are underway. The project includes installation of storm drain inlets, piping and underground infiltration chambers for multiple streets.  Officials with GHD, the engineers for the city, say construction must be done in the summer to meet funding and regulatory requirements. Streets will be closed at times during construction. A business owner of the Beachcomber Café, which is located on Trinity Street, says the lack of parking access and the noises produced from construction could temporarily hurt her business.

"For us, the timing probably couldn't be worse.  It is the height of fishing and tourist season, which we rely on to get us through the leaner, winter months.  There is a concern that the project could go beyond the scheduled time, we're ready for a month, we have no choice but if it goes longer, we feel like it could become pretty detrimental," said Jackie Keegan.

“We do understand the inconvenience of construction, and we are trying to minimize impacts to both residents and business owners as much as possible, and we do appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we’re getting this important project done for the city,” said Steven Allen, the Eureka Office Manager for GHD.