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CAL FIRE holds training for propane related emergencies

HUMBOLDT COUNTY- Firefighters with CAL FIRE and Humboldt Bay Fire were trained on Friday on how to appropriately respond to an emergency involving propane.

The Propane Emergency Training was organized by CAL FIRE and conducted out in Samoa as part of the annual training hosted by CAL FIRE.  The Samoa Peninsula Fire District provided some equipment and Humboldt Bay Fire brought one of their engines.  The Propane Emergency Training lasted four hours and the Western Propane Gas Association provided instructors and the props. Twenty-six total firefighters participated in the training.  CAL FIRE officials say this exercise will help save lives in the rural areas of Humboldt County.

"There's propane all over.  Every place outside the incorporated areas pretty much have a propane tank at a home.  And gas stations have propane, fill stations, we have large commercial propane facilities where the trucks come out of so there's a lot of propane in the rural areas that we serve and this just prepares us to respond appropriately to those emergencies," said Battalion Chief Jonni Mayberry, the Training Officer for the Humboldt-Del Norte Unit of CAL FIRE.

More than 40 volunteer firefighters from throughout Humboldt County will undergo the same training on Saturday.