Calendar Celebrates Local Art World

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For more than 20 years local potter, Peggy Loudon, has been living and working as an artist in Humboldt County. Loudon is one of 12 artists featured in a 2014 calendar that shows local artists working in the area.


The calendar is called 'small town: BIG ART' and is to celebrate the high number of artists in the area. Monica Topping created the calendar after having the idea five years ago when she learned from U.S. Census data that more artists live in Humboldt county per capita than anywhere else in California.


"These are people who identify themselves as artists, on a professional level," said Topping.


Loudon said artists, like herself, stay in the area because of the way artists support and encourage each other. "The  most important thing is that spirit, the generosity of artist to artist," said Loudon.


For the calendar Topping chose 12 different artists from different mediums from glass blowers to costume designers.


Topping said the calendar is just the beginning. She hopes to establish 'small town: BIG ART' as a non-profit DreamMaker program for the Ink People Center for the Arts. The calendar will be sold for $15 each, and portions of the proceeds will go toward Arcata Arts Institute, which helps educate young artists.


"It's well known that when budgets are cut arts are often the first thing to go," said Topping.


Loudon said the calendar is showing the community that it is possible to make it as an artist. "We get this message when we're little that it's hard to be an artist, but in Humboldt county I find it a very welcoming community," said Loudon.


The calendar will make its debut at Arts Alive! on Oct 5th at MikkiMoves Real Estate, Inc's Living Room Gallery.