California Cannabis Voice Humboldt finishes sixth draft

EUREKA- It's been a roller coaster of a process, organizers with the California Cannabis Voice Humboldt say. The organization has just completed it's sixth draft of an ordinance regulating marijuana grow operations in Humboldt County.

The group began working on the ordinance last may. In the latest draft there are lower canopy sizes and more water sensitive regulations to protect the environment. The group has been working with local growers, the county AG and Planning Departments, the Fish and Wildlife Services, as well as Cal Fire to come up with sensible legislation. Organizers say they hope to have a final version this spring before harvest season begins. The group will have to obtain 2,000 signatures to bring the legislation in front of the county supervisors.

"In the long run we want everybody to be a good steward of their land," Richard Marks, California Cannabis Voice Humboldt Executive Director said.  "And if they're good stewards of their land that's going to be a big impact as far as the environment.. and of course, that's our main goal. We want to save the environment, we want to protect the brand and we just want to help small farms in Humboldt County. "

California Cannabis Voice Humboldt is holding public meetings this month for input on the new draft. They will meet February 16 in Orleans at 6 p.m. and on February 26 in McKinleyville.