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California Conservation Corps donates $10K in labor to the Sequoia Park Zoo

EUREKA - New attractions are coming to the Sequoia Park Zoo and the California Conservation Corps is helping to get them started. From spreading gravel and woodchips to adding rocks to the Otter Exhibit, 95 Corps members spent the day volunteering at the zoo. The C.C.C. started laying ground work for the future construction of the Eagle Aviary Exhibit and zoo officials say, their help will greatly reduce overall costs. The Corps helps the zoo with projects annually and donates over $10,000 dollars in labor. In exchange, the zoo offers it’s Flamingo Meeting Room to the C.C.C. staff and supervisors to host their Annual Retreat.

"It's fantastic, the kids are enthusiastic, some of them have never been to a zoo before, and a lot of them haven't been to our zoo, so when they get to take their lunch break and other breaks, they can enjoy the zoo and enjoy the park, and the beautiful environment here, so, they're just great to work with and we just love to have them here," said Sequoia Park Zoo Manager, Gretchen Ziegler.

"It benefits the zoo and the park and the people of Eureka. That we have about 6 crews of people working and doing projects that maybe otherwise, wouldn't get done in this amount of time. So, all in one day we have about 95 people, doing these jobs that need to get done. So that the zoo will prosper, the park will prosper, and so everybody wins." said Raquel Ortega, C.C.C. Conservation Supervisor