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California paves the way with it's "Yes means Yes" affirmative consent bill

NORTH COAST- Many laws are going into effect this year and California has defined in law, just when "yes means yes” on college campuses.

California is paving the way as the first state to require that students give "affirmative consent" for sexual activity. Under the law they must only consider sex consensual if both parties agree to it and mind altering substances aren’t effecting their judgment. Instead of the refrain "no means no", the law changes it so that “yes means yes”. The bill was approved back in September, but this upcoming spring semester will be the first time students start the school year with this state-wide law in effect.

“I'm kind of in the middle of it, I feel like it's really circumstantial. I mean, I know people who get really drunk just off of one drink. And if something like that happened to them, I could definitely agree that, yes, didn't necessarily mean yes,” said Fortuna Resident Gloria Parker.

 “I would say, don't look to get in trouble. If they're saying, this is the new law. Abide by it.  Be responsible. Don't get yourself in trouble, said, North Coast resident, Dylan De’Arman. 

The measure applies to all colleges and universities accepting state financial aid.