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"Call an ambulance, I'm dying": Witness recounts final moments of Arcata shooting victims

It was an emotional day in the courtroom for day two of the preliminary hearing in Bodhi Tree’s double murder and shooting case.


Testimony was heard by witness Rhett August, the man who was shot at a home on J Street in Eureka on May 15th.  Bodhi Tree is the prime suspect. In his testimony, August recounted what happened the night he was shot in the stomach and gave some more insight into his opinion of Bodhi’s character; describing him as a former friend and detailing some of what he called inappropriate relationships with underage girls.


Deeper emotions came out in the testimony of Emma Lorenc, who lived in the Arcata home on Eye Street where both Christina Schwarz and Alan “Sunshine” Marcet were shot dead early morning hours of May 18th. Lorenc is the party who called 9-1-1 after the gunshots.


She described that Schwarz and Marcet were on the living room floor with gunshot wounds when she found them. She also described Alan Marcet’s dying words, "It was gunshots, call an ambulence, I'm dying." And she provided more about Bodhi Tree’s alleged attitude towards women. Lorenc said he harassed her in her kitchen, and was aggressive when he left a gray sweatshirt in her room; a sweatshirt she believed had a gun in its pocket. She said it was heavier then it should be when she moved it out of her room.