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Caltrans conducting Economic Impact Study of Last Chance Grade

DEL NORTE COUNTY- Caltrans is in the process of conducting an Economic Impact Study of Last Chance Grade.
Last Chance Grade is a three and a half mile stretch of Highway 101 south of Crescent City. According to a Caltrans geologist since March 2012 to September 2013, the northern part of the highway has moved 11 inches toward the ocean.
After completing a feasibility study of the area, Caltrans said it would now evaluate the economic impacts of a catastrophic landslide at Last Chance Grade. 
From Caltrans:
Report will determine factors as:
· Additional distances of that would be traveled due to diversions
· Costs in travel delay and added vehicle operation costs due to diversions
· Economic impacts to businesses including tourism and shipping
· Costs of stabilizing the existing route vs. realigning the roadway 
Last Chance Grade is Del Norte County’s only connection to the South. Because of this, Caltrans said the report would also document impacts like community connectivity, access to medical care, and school attendance.