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Caltrans crews detonate boulder next to Highway 101 south of Crescent City

DEL NORTE COUNTY- Traffic came to a halt on Highway 101 south of Crescent City on Wednesday as Caltrans crews detonated a rock sitting on a steep grade over the highway.

The detonation occurred at around noon. The rock was located about four miles south of Crescent City. Officials say they destroyed the boulder because rain could have possibly sent it down the hill onto the road in the future.  One-way traffic control was in effect from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Traffic was stopped for less than 30 minutes for the detonation.

"These rocks can be unpredictable.  And it could come down in the next significant rainstorm or it could come down in months from now.  So we would rather be proactive and be out there and take it down under our control," said Phil Frisbie, Jr., the Public Information Officer for Caltrans, District 1.