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Caltrans officials: Riding bicycles along Eureka-Arcata Highway 101 Corridor is now safer

Caltrans officials say bicyclists using the Eureka-Arcata Highway 101 Safety Corridor are now safer, thanks to the completion of a recent paving project.

The project began last summer, and was completed about two weeks ago.  In 2011, Caltrans officials met with local bicyclist groups to discuss ways to improve biking safety.  Some of those ideas were implemented in the Eureka-Arcata Highway 101 Safety Corridor, including adding a brownish-red tint and widening the majority of the shoulder of the corridor.

"The brownish-red tint on the shoulder, along with the wider shoulder, it's two feet wider, so it's a full ten feet wide, that helps show motorists that it is a separate path.  Even though motorists can use it for an emergency if they need to pull off, they can see that it's not some place that they're normally going to drive.  It's not part of their normal, traveled way," said Phil Frisbie, Jr., the Public Information Officer for Caltrans, District 1.