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Caltrans temporarily halts plans for the Richardson Grove Highway 101 Improvement Project.

Southern Humboldt - It’s big news. Caltrans has temporarily halted plans for widening the Highway 101 project in Richardson Grove State Park.

Conservation groups and local residents dismissed a lawsuit they filed last July in exchange for Caltrans abandoning the project approvals and agreeing to restart the environmental review process if they want to continue to move forward. Officials from the Center for Biological Diversity said quote: “This is an important victory-stopping a nonsensical project that would have done terrible damage to an ancient grove of redwood trees in our state park.

Caltrans first proposed the widening project in 2007.They will continue to conduct further environmental review to comply with the state court order. If the review affects existing or previous environmental determinations, they will address them accordingly.

They also say that the Richardson Grove project was designed to be environmentally protective and no old growth redwood trees will be removed.