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Caltrans vehicles get GPS-based units

EUREKA - Caltrans has partnered with Verizon to install a fleet management system in all company cars.

The system will enhance the operation of the company’s fleet, providing better management and efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

The GPS based units track mileage, location, fuel usage, idle time, and vehicle diagnostics.

Caltrans test-ran the system on 200 cars starting back in July of 2012. After the successful trial period, they decided to move forward, installing the system in the company’s 7,500 cars.

Caltrans has estimated that the automated reports alone will save 28,000 salary hours, or nearly half a million dollars.  

“It's really a way for us to improve our efficiency, reduce cost of tax payers and keep better track of our stuff,” Eli Rohl, Caltrans Public Information Officer, said.