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Cannabis industry stakeholders hash out ordinance

EUREKA - Stakeholders in the cannabis industry met today to work out the details of a permitting process to grow cannabis legally.

A draft of an ordinance was constructed to outline the guidelines cannabis farmers would have to follow. The ordinance was then submitted to attorneys.

It was returned with questions of language and other items that prompted a follow up meeting of stakeholders.

The meeting started at nine Monday morning and went well into the afternoon. One point of contention is the TPZ zoning. That's the "timber production zones" that designates land for timber production only. California Cannabis Voice wants to use this land for growing but opponents are talking about putting caps on any type of usage.

Once stakeholders make a consensus on the ordinance, it will go the Board of Supervisors to be approved.

“I'm hoping we come out of here with an ordinance that we can actually bring to the public after today. That we will be able to go to different agencies and show what the impact will be for each agency and so we can come back together and find out solutions to any issues so we can actually start the signature gathering process in the near future,” Richard Marks, organizer of California Cannabis Voice of Humboldt, said.