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Cannabis Land Use Ordinance in its sixth draft

EUREKA- Marijuana stakeholders continue to work on an ordinance legitimizing cannabis grows in Humboldt County.

This week, California Cannabis Voice Humboldt is beginning work on its sixth draft of the Cannabis Land Use Ordinance. According to the group, the document will provide a legal framework for rules and regulations that reward voluntary compliance and protect the environment. The initiative has seen some challenges though, with stakeholders and environmental advocates disagreeing on parcel canopy size and enforcement.

In this new draft, the group hopes to establish a canopy size limit of 10,000 square feet and simplify language throughout the ordinance.

“We're doing what we need to as far as organizing and there's a big up swell,” California Cannabis Voice Humboldt Organizer Richard Marks said. “This is exciting to see that people want to do the right thing and we want to make sure that people are growing responsibly and using the best management practices on their properties so we can take care of some of the environmental issues in the cannabis community itself.”

The group hopes to have a final draft by April. They intend to bring the ordinance forward to the board of supervisors at that time. If the board does not approve the regulations, the group could put the ordinance up for a public vote in the next election.