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Cannabis Stakeholders Summit to be held in Eureka on Wednesday

EUREKA- The first draft of a Humboldt County ordinance intended to legalize commercial marijuana farming will be written on Wednesday.

Cannabis growers, business owners, and county officials will be among the people at the Cannabis Stakeholders Summit.  Two members of the Board of Supervisors will be at the Summit as well. The ordinance that will be drafted is designed to allow commercial marijuana farming in Humboldt County, as long as certain guidelines are met. Once the draft is written, proponents will continue to gather community input on the ordinance. Organizers hope to be able to bring the ordinance to the Board of Supervisors in the next few months.

"This is actually a process where we're decriminalizing what is happening and we're trying to legitimize the process and of course that way we can humanize what the people do actually in cultivating cannabis and they want to do it legally and we want to give them that avenue so they can actually be paying taxes and doing things that are positive for the county," said Richard Marks, an Organizer with the California Cannabis Voice Humboldt.