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Carbon monoxide detector can be life saving

EUREKA - Carbon monoxide. It’s a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that enters the body through the blood stream and can be deadly.

Each year about 15,000 people are unintentionally exposed to the substance and 500 people are unintentionally killed.

In 2011, a senate bill mandated all homes with attached garages or a fossil fuel source install carbon monoxide detectors within the home.

Since 2011, our own Humboldt Bay Fire Department has handled an influx of carbon monoxide detector activations.

Since they are now federally mandated, it makes sense that more detectors mean more detector activations.

And Humboldt Bay fire adds it is lifesaving and encourages you to install a detector and check it annually.  

“They're still one of the cheapest insurance policies you can have, especially going into cold weather right now. More of the natural gas or propane fueled appliances are coming on and if those aren't functioning properly, that's when you're going to have the buildup of carbon monoxide that can be deadly,” Battalion Chief Chris Emmons said.

And just a reminder: carbon monoxide detectors are different than smoke detectors, though they can be purchased together.