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Carlotta residents working to rebuild two bridges destroyed in flood

CARLOTTA- The heavy rains have stopped, but the challenges for some Carlotta residents have just begun. Two bridges have washed away on a road off of Highway 36, stranding 17 families in the process.

Bob Stanley left for work from his Carlotta home on Fox Creek Road on morning, but had to return due to flooding on Highway 36.     

"So I came back home and drove down here around noon and this one had already washed out," said Stanley.

Karen Doyle has lived on Fox Creek Road for 45 years, and says this is the worst flooding event she has seen. s

“The rain came off the mountain so fast, just in sheets, it was like a river running down hill," said Doyle.

The heavy rains saturated the ground and caused blockage at two duel culvert bridges, which forced water into the foundation of the bridges and caused them to collapse. 

"We're stranded.  I have no automobile on the other side here.  I need to be at work.  I'm a nurse.  I have animals that need to be taken care of which need about 100 pounds of chicken food every month, which I'll be running out. We have no propane.  It's starting to get low," Stanley said.

Fox Creek Road is privately owned and construction of new bridges will take the road owners raising enough money to restore them.  At this time, some residents can walk across the bridges using footpaths created by residents.

"Which isn't real safe, as long as we don't have any more heavy rains, we hope that will work," said Doyle.

"We've got some people on the other end over here who've got some medical problems who could have to get out in a heck of a hurry and it's just not possible right now," said Larry Doyle, who lives on Fox Creek Road.

Residents are worried they will not be able to raise enough money to construct the new bridges.

“We're hearing numbers like 40 or 50 thousand dollars for repairs, no one has that kind money out here," said Ron Gilliland, who lives on Fox Creek Road.

To donate for the effort to restore the bridges, call Gene Lombardo with the Fox Creek Road Committee at (707) 768-3441.