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Cash Mob to be held Friday in Old Town Eureka

A Cash Mob event will be held Friday in Eureka.

Friday at 5:30 p.m., people will gather at the gazebo in Old Town Eureka and walk to a local business to buy its products…products that are made in Humboldt County. The store the Cash Mob will visit is going to not going to be revealed until everyone is gathered together.

"We have lots of entrepreneurs here, probably more per capita than many other places in the United States and it's not straight forward and easy to build your business in Humboldt County," said Angeline Schwab, the Executive Director of Humboldt Made.

Humboldt Made is one of the organizations collaborating to put on Friday’s Cash Mob, along with the Redwood Region Economic Development Commission and Fund Humboldt.  Schwab says events like these go a long way for local stores.

"We want to help create jobs.  It's a way the community can directly participate in that action," Schwab said.

A member of a Cash Mob last spring, Larry Goldberg, says local stores offer things you can’t find anywhere else.

"The company we went to has products nobody else has.  I want to support them.  And I like the fact that we really could kind of mass purchase a bunch of equipment and supplies and really help them out with their business,” Goldberg said.

"Humboldt county people, when they are making products, we have learned they often desire to make the very best product," said Schwab.

And the people who buy them, she says, take home more than just items…They receive a piece of Humboldt County.

People participating in Friday’s Cash Mob in Old Town Eureka are encouraged to arrive at the gazebo at 5:15 p.m.

For more information on Friday’s Cash Mob, or other upcoming Cash Mobs, call 388-3010 or search “Humboldt County Cash Mob” on Facebook.