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Cash stolen from local thrift store and non-profit

ARCATA- Cash was stolen from the Angels of Hope Thrift Store around 6 p.m. Tuesday night. According to store employees an unknown suspect entered the store, opened the cash register, and made off with just over $200.00 in cash. The employee had stepped away for a few minutes to use the restroom, and when he got back he found all the $20.00 bills were gone. 
Not just any thrift store, Angels of Hope is a non-profit organization that works as a training center for disadvantage youth and young adults.
"It takes a lot for us to stay open financially just to keep our programs running and keep the store open. So when someone steals from us, even if it's only two or three hundred dollars it really hurts us for the week. Were not operating on a big profit at all. It can really kill us for the week,” said Store Manager Shannon Hardin.
The Arcata Police Department is investigating the incident. No arrests have been made.