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CDFW prepares for oil spill in Humboldt Bay

EUREKA- California Department of Fish and Wildlife crews prepared for an oil spill on Humboldt Bay Tuesday.

In the wind, crews pulled out a barricade that would contain the spill to one location. Scientists tested a containment strategy that is designed to protect environmentally sensitive areas like the Elk River Estuary.

The estuary is home to coho salmon and water fowl and is one of the most important habitats on the bay.

"In case of an oil spill, this is one of the first places that we want to protect from the spill." said Steve Gonzalez, Public Information Officer for CDFW.

The test was conducted in order to train crews to deal with tidal patterns, currents and weather conditions to see how well the boom equipment would work.

The department has conducted tests on Humboldt Bay and throughout the state. "We have to have these strategies in place for when an oil spill happens, so that we'll be prepared for it," he said.