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Celebrating Seniors -- Kicking with Karate

You don't want to mess with Jerry  Bunch's students.  They are participating in his Senior Resource Center karate class.  All of them are over 60 and they say that karate helps them to maintain fitness and self-esteem.  They meet every Monday at the Senior Resource Center.  Among the students is Fritz Schautz, a retired chiropractor, who fits this class into his active retirement schedule.  Jerry Bunch, instructor, stresses that karate is about self-defense and not about combat.

Shirley Stoffer is an example of the power of karate.  She is a grand-mother who used karate to defend herself against a home-invader.  She believes she summoned the great masters of martial arts when the man attacked her with a knife.  She kicked him down the stairs. 

You can learn about the karate class by calling the Senior Resource Center in Eureka.