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Cell phone man Corky Cornwell to retire

EUREKA- After two decades in the cell phone business, Corky Cornwell, the business owner of Redwood Coast Cellular is retiring on Sunday.

Cornwell is well known for his wacky commercials that have played over the years that have him dressing up as a clow, sitting in front of a lion and conducting a marching band.

"I realized that I wasn't afraid of a camera and we started writing real crazy stuff," he said.

After retiring from his original career in his fifties, Cornwell opened the cell phone company in 1994 when some skeptics thought cell phones were only a trend. "Twenty years ago you started out with big bag phones, you couldn't even hardly carry."

The business has grown into six  stores from Fortuna up to Crescent City. Cornwell sold it to a friend he said. The company, New Trend Wireless, will start running the six stores on Sunday.

At 71-years-old Cornwell said he realized it was time to retire. Him and his wife, Annie, purchased a motor home and will use it to travel and visit their grandchildren.

But he said the North Coast will remain his home,  "I moved to Orick when I was 15 and I'm not going anywhere else."