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Cemetery visitors appalled, as workers appear to be golfing

EUREKA – A video that is making its rounds all throughout social media on the north coast. The video show maintenance workers at the Ocean View Cemetery in Eureka appearing to take part in what seems to be a round of golf.

Eureka Resident, Jennifer Solorzano is mother of three who lost her children in a house fire in 2002.

“My house burned down and I could only get my youngest son,”

She says witnessing the video did not bring any light to the situation.

“I’m just hurt, my kids are stuck there it’s not like I can dig them up and take them home with me. I just can’t believe it,” says Solorzano.

Kate Newton a McKinleyville Resident recorded the video on her phone and was in complete shock of what she witnessed.

“We just felt like it was really disrespectful to the veterans and their families especially with it so close Memorial Day. There’s going to be more people up there visiting their loved ones, and for someone else to see that, that would be devastating especially if they had just lost a loved one,” says Newton.

Newton says that after the cemetery visit with loved ones, she quickly recorded video.

The workers in the video, she says is of the crew swinging their clubs and hesitantly heading back to their vehicles.

One workers says the clubs and golf balls were items found on the grounds and were removed from the site, immediately.

Don McCombs, The Ocean View Cemetery Administrator Released this statement:

We are appalled, we are looking into it, and we’ll take appropriate action, up to, including terminating any employee involved at any time. – Don Combs

“We don’t want to see somebody lose their job, but at the same time, I would never do that,” said Solorzano. “They don’t maintain the grounds properly, it’s disrespectful and as a human being they should know that.”