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Change in responsibility proposal for College of the Redwood’s Mendocino Coast Education Center

EUREKA- College of the Redwoods has managed the Mendocino Coast Education Center in Fort Bragg since the 70s. But now, a new proposal could change that.

The Substantive Change Proposal would shift responsibility of the Fort Bragg campus to the Mendocino-Lake Community College. C.R. representatives say, it’s difficult to manage a campus that’s three hours away and this proposal will help those students be better served. Tuesday, the College of the Redwoods Board of Trustees approved to send the proposal to the Accrediting Commission. The transfer could take up to three years to finalize.

"Many times students need to go to the main campus to take care of some things. Whether they want to see a specific counselor or they want to talk about a specific degree. So, if they can travel just to Ukiah rather than coming up to Eureka, then it's easier for the students to get the services they need and in addition, it's easier for Mendocino College to share instructors. Somebody could be teaching in Ukiah or in Willits and also teach at Fort Bragg, at the center there," said Kathy Smith, College of the Redwoods President Superintendent.