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Chanukah and Thanksgiving on the same day today

It doesn’t happen very often. But, because Thanksgiving is later this year, the Jewish celebration of Chanukah begins today on Thanksgiving. According to the date converter, the last time the two celebrations coincided was November 30th in 1899. The next time this will happen according to the converter is Thanksgiving Day, 2070…a mere 57 years from now. (If you happen to be alive then,you may just want to get that challah order in right now. Those tasty breads go quick!)  Locally Temple Beth El in Eureka began their celebration tonight at 5 pm.Coming up Sunday, December 1st, Chabad of Humboldt will present Chanukah on the Plaza. Festivities begin at 5 pm and there will be public menorah lighting, music, a raffle and more. For more information about Hanukah events go to or