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CHP Educating Senior Drivers

Senior citizens are involved in the most traffic collisions across the country. California Highway Patrol officials are working to educate seniors and their family about the warning signs that they should not drive anymore.

Warning signs include: disorientation, forgetting basic driving skills, difficulty operating vehicle, weaving between lanes, and getting pulled over frequently.

CHP Public Information Officer, Matt Harvey said family members should have a conversation with the seniors in their lives about the warning signs before they occur.

"It's going to be a tough conversation," said Harvey. "But you should have that conversation with your parent or your loved ones," said Harvey.

Harvey said it will be a difficult reality for seniors to face, "These are not things that we want to admit that we do, but the reality is, we will all reach a point sometime in our life that we can't drive anymore," said Harvey.

Arlene Roberg is still driving at 92-years-old and said her driving is a sign of her independence. "To be able to go out and get in your car and go where ever you want to, that's important," said Roberg.

Roberg was in a car accident recently and had to go through a driving test to renew her license. Roberg will have to renew her license again in five years, but said she will stop driving by then.

"It's not going to happen until I realize that yeah, 'you're a danger more than you're an asset out there on the road," said Roberg.