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CHP, EPD and Caltrans teach kids about dangers of reckless and distracted driving

EUREKA- Traffic collisions are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. On Tuesday, an assembly was held at Eureka High School designed to spread awareness about the dangers of reckless and distracted driving. 

Members of the California Highway Patrol, the Eureka Police Department and Caltrans spoke at the Impact Teen Drivers Assembly. Officials talked to kids about why you should never drive distracted and they reinforced the rules associated with having a provisional license.  Students also saw a video about Hunter Clegg, who is from Redding and was 14 when he was killed as a result of reckless driving in 2009. Clegg’s mom spoke in the video about her loss, which is something police and students say was moving.

"It's a little different to read that and see it maybe in a newspaper or magazine versus hearing a story such as a mom who lost her son as a result of reckless and distracted driving.  Somebody who has a first hand account of how it feels, how it affects family members, how it affects a community when these sorts of things happen," said Officer Matt Harvey with the California Highway Patrol.

"Having the story of somebody who was so close to many families here was really impactful.  It made the situation real for a lot of students here," said Alissa Barthel, who is a senior at Eureka High School.