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CHP honors fallen officer with highway dedication

ARCATA - CHP and others honored fallen Officer Kenneth E. Marshall with a highway memorial dedication Wednesday.

Officer Marshall was killed in 1968 on 101 south of mile marker 200, near Arcata. They believe he was following a driver when his car slid on rain-slicked roads and he crashed and died instantly.

In his honor, part of the 101 has been renamed and Wednesday’s dedication unveiled the new highway signs. Officer Marshall’s family was at the dedication as well as Humboldt CHP officers, all five Humboldt Board of Supervisors, and politicians. Assembly Member Wesley Chesbro was among the speakers Wednesday. He authored the resolution, along with Senator Noreen Evans, to rename the portion of the highway.

“It's been a long time since Officer Marshall made the ultimate sacrifice for public safety with his life. But, it’s important that we not forget that event and we recognize this sacrifice and his family’s sacrifice. I think more broadly, it’s important to remind the motoring public as they drive by, the memorials for officers that public safety officials, that put themselves in harms way every day on our behalf,” Assemblyman Chesbro said.