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CHP officer speaks to local students

EUREKA- Students at Eureka High School and Fortuna High School spent the day learning what it takes to become a California Highway Patrol Officer.

The lesson was part of a course designed to introduce students to law enforcement careers, taught by former Fortuna Police Chief Kent Bradshaw. On Thursday, Officer Matt Harvey with the CHP spoke about his experience as an officer and how he's dealt with stressful situations on the job.

"When you hear it first hand from an officer, you get the personal feel to it, so you get the background and you get to hear the ups and downs for them and it's not just a catching the bad guys sort of job, you're also serving the public," said Angelica Smullin, a senior at Eureka High School.

Students also got to try on beer goggles during the presentation to see what it's like to be over the legal blood alcohol content limit.  In addition, Volunteers completed a field sobriety test with the goggles on.