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CHP reminds motorists to be safe during slick road conditions

If you went outside on Wednesday, you might have noticed the rain.

While this is welcome news for many in the area, police remind you to be safe on the roads.  The California Highway Patrol says today’s rain is equivalent to the first rain of the season.  Oils that were in the asphalt came to the surface of the roads today, making the roads slicker.  The CHP says the roads will be like this the next few times it rains.  Police are warning drivers to reduce speeds, leave extra distance in between the vehicle in front of you, and to keep your headlights on when using your windshield wipers.  

"We have a lot of rural roadways.  A lot of twists and turns and conditions that are not common among California statewide so we just want to remember that that does pose unique conditions here in Humboldt county," said Officer Matt Harvey, the Public Information Officer with the California Highway Patrol.