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City of Eureka to begin Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety Education Campaign this winter

EUREKA- Starting this winter, the City of Eureka will begin a Pedestrian and Vehicle Education Outreach Campaign.

In September, the City of Eureka was awarded a $90,000 grant by the California Office of Traffic Safety.  At Tuesday’s city council meeting, the council unanimously voted to award the contract to Alta Planning and Design to create the outreach program.  The campaign is intended to increase public awareness of safety issues to help decrease injuries and fatalities, as well as improve pedestrian and driver behavior.  Alta Planning and Design will also recommend steps the city can take moving forward to continue an outreach campaign when the program officially ends in the Spring of 2015.

"We think that it's necessary to make both the driver and the pedestrian aware that it takes their efforts to improve this.  Yes, enforcement is a component of it, but we would like to reach out and get people to look out for each other.  That's really what it's about," said Bruce Young, the Director of the Public Works Department for the City of Eureka.