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City of Eureka looking to extend transaction use tax measure

EUREKA- The City of Eureka is looking to extend Measure O to help fund emergency services.

Council members heard the Humboldt Bay Fire Chief, the Eureka Police Chief and the Public Works Manager all say Measure O has provided much needed funds for their services.  One half of one percent of a sale is added to the sales tax of a purchase under the measure. That money then goes to emergency services, street maintenance, and parks and recreation departments among other services. The mayor of Eureka, Frank Jager, says Measure O came at the right time when it was passed in 2010.

"We were talking about laying off fire people. We ended street sweeping. It was a pretty devastating budget until we were able to pass Measure O and until we were able to fill all those gaps and restore those positions. At this point, it's just absolutely vital for the city," said Mayor Jager.

The vote to put Measure O on the November ballot will be held in May.