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City of Eureka looking at updating municipal parking codes

EUREKA- Staff members are taking a closer look at the City of Eureka's current municipal parking codes. The codes were established in the 1960s and have not been upgraded.

At a special meeting on Tuesday, staff reported on possible ways to calculate the city’s current parking requirements. Staff recommended that officials examine if businesses in Old Town should pay increased rates when providing additional parking.  Other recommendations include continuing to invest in pedestrian infrastructure, possibly adding electric vehicle plug-in charging stations in city parking lots and reducing the amount of free on-street parking.

"When it comes to parking, you have to ask yourself some fundamental questions as a city. And some of the more important questions to ask are 'What do we really want for our community?' and Eureka wants better paying jobs, we want a more thriving economy and we want a better quality of life for our citizenry.  And so, do we want more parking?  Not necessarily, unless the parking gets us the things that we really want," said Robert Holmlund, the Director of Community Development for the City of Eureka.