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City of Eureka moving forward with Economic Development Strategic Plan

EUREKA- The City of Eureka has been working over the last year to outline its short and long term goals for economic development.  That strategic plan will be presented to the council on Tuesday at a special meeting.

The four goals of the strategic plan are to maintain and create high quality jobs, build Eureka’s community assets, create a diverse and resilient economy and strengthen the city’s revenue base.  Over the last year, city staff has worked with consultants and a Citizens Advisory Committee established by the council to create a list of possible ways to achieve these goals.  One of those possible actions is creating an Economic Development Advisory Committee to assist staff and council in prioritizing various economic development strategies.  Following Tuesday’s meeting, the council will vote at a future meeting on whether or to adopt the strategic plan or make changes to it.

"Private industries are really responsible for developing our economy and so to the greatest degree possible, the city really needs to find ways where we can help and find where we need to get out of the way.  So one of the goals we'll be talking about tomorrow night is to streamline our permitting process to make a more business friendly atmosphere in the city and make it easier for the businesses to develop to let people know that eureka is open for business and we're ready for new, innovative businesses," said Robert Holmlund, the Director of Community Development and Economic Development for the City of Eureka.