City of Eureka outlines its goals as part of Strategic Plan Update

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EUREKA- Throughout the week, the Eureka City Council has been working with staff to outline the City of Eureka’s short and long term goals moving forward.

Goals for fiscal responsibility, economic development, community livability as well as waterfront, downtown and old town development were detailed in the report. Steps that need to be taken for accomplishing those goals, assigning responsibilities to staff and the timelines for the goals were documented as well.  Some short-term goals the council laid out are creating an ordinance to help cut down on the number of shopping carts being abandoned or stolen and installing all-season turf baseball and softball fields.  City official say this new, annual Strategic Plan Update process, which involves the use of a consultant, is necessary for making a clear vision for the city.

"Without going through some type of a planning process, then it becomes more of, 'well maybe you're doing some of that during the budget review, but during budget review, you tend to get down on more of some of the very specifics in departments and I think this, when you spend some time with just the council and a facilitator who can help, in a sense, kind of bring out some of that information out of the council, and sort of help drive consensus, that's the important thing,” said Greg Sparks, the City Manager of Eureka.