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City of Eureka sued by drilling company. Asking for nealy 6.3 million

Eureka: The Martin Slough Project has a new wrinkle. Apex Construction who was doing the drilling for the project before they stopped work has filed a claim.

The claim states that the city and HSN Engineering maintained that the soil, where drilling was to occur, was supposed to be Hookton Formation Soil which is stable and suitable for drilling. Apex maintains the soil they encountered was not stable and they informed the city which allegedly encouraged them to continue to drill; Assuring them they would find the proper soil conditions. Apex maintains it never appeared and that they had independent confirmation of these facts which were communicated to the City of Eureka. After drilling approximately two hundred eighty feet, Apex shut down their operations.

Apex maintains the City of Eureka refused to conduct an investigation in response to Apex claims. The drilling company is asking for a settlement of nearly 6.3 million dollars. We tried calling the City of Eureka for response but did not hear from them by airtime.