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City of Eureka working to craft Waterfront Development Plan

EUREKA- Eureka City Staff are working to outline the design of the city’s Waterfront in the coming years.

There are currently no projects in development on the Waterfront between C Street and F Street. At Tuesday’s meeting, City Council members will vote to begin the search for a design firm or architectural firm to plan the best use for that land. City officials expect the plans to include the best locations for a hotel, retail space and potential housing with the goal of generating as much sales and occupancy taxes as possible. Staff expects to bring a finalized Waterfront Development Plan to the council for adoption this July.

"What this does is it really gives us something that we can take out to developers and market that, 'Hey, we've got a great location to put in a hotel here.  We're working with the private property owners next door whose property can be available for parking or for some other use,' and we really can tie this all in.  All in all, I think it's about four and a half acres in this area, so the more you can tie this together, I think we can come up with a much better project," said Greg Sparks, the Eureka City Manager.