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City of Fortuna offers free compost

FORTUNA- The city of Fortuna is giving out free compost this week.

Each year Fortuna’s wastewater treatment facility creates 600 dry metric tons of compost from processing solid human waste. Officials say that the result of various processes is an exceptional quality, class a compost that can be used to enrich soil.

“It's good stuff. It’s very good for plants and you can use it on edible vegetables,” said Doug Culbert, chief water treatment plant operator for the city of Fortuna. “It's classified as exceptional quality, class a compost and with no restrictions.”

To prevent that material from going into a landfill, the city is offering it to the community. Officials say you do not have to live in Fortuna to get compost. Those picking up the compost are limited to 2 ½ cubic yards of the material per address. The city’s only requirements for pick up are that drivers must have a truck without a canopy, they must bring their own tarp and sign a “hold harmless” release of liability.

The city will be giving out the compost from 9 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday until it is gone. The compost can be picked up at the city’s wastewater treatment facility at 180 Dinsmore Drive.