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City staff in Eureka review 2014/2015 fiscal year budget

EUREKA- Staff with Eureka City Schools briefed the council on the state of the 2014/2015 fiscal year budget.

Officials say while city revenues match up with what was projected at the beginning of the fiscal year, operational savings are lower than predicted.  City staff says this is the result of vacant positions filling up earlier than anticipated.  At Tuesday night’s council meeting, staff also informed the council they will do water and wastewater rate studies in the near future to look at implementing rate increases.

"Rates will have to be increased for future improvements, continuing improvements, we have an aged infrastructure that is going to have to be maintained, it's required by the state, by regulatory agencies to improve because they're deteriorating.  So we need to be able to finance those projects and costs continue to increase," said Wendy Howard, the Finance Director for the City of Eureka

The council will begin crafting the next fiscal year budget in the coming months.