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Civil engineers consider condition of Humboldt County roads and bridges "mediocre"

EUREKA- The condition of locally owned roads and bridges in Humboldt County is considered “mediocre” by the North Coast Branch of the San Francisco Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  The organization made the announcement on Monday outside of the Humboldt County Courthouse in Eureka.

In January, ASCE members and a team of almost 40 volunteers, including Humboldt County officials and city representatives, began working on a report card for road and bridge infrastructure in Humboldt County.  The effort is part of a national initiative by the ASCE to evaluate infrastructure throughout the country.  In the report, Humboldt County’s roads received a D+ grade, and bridges received a C-.  Grades were given based off factors including road condition and funding resources.  The report also found that the tribes, cities and the county would need five times the current amount of funding just to keep roads and bridges at their present condition.  Humboldt County officials say the report will make receiving state and federal funds for road infrastructure more likely.

"It's another education outlet for our state and federal legislatures so they can have another set of facts in front of them, instead of just having the county or the city's facts or wishes.  ASCE is a well-known, non-partisan, national organization, that does these analyses, and I think it's very important for these reports to be done," said Tom Mattson, the Director of Public Works for the County of Humboldt.