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Clarke Historical Museum event teaches children about money management

EUREKA- Each summer, the Clarke Historical Museum in Eureka holds a special event for kids.  This year was Kids, Coins and Piggy Banks Day.  Part of the fun was children getting to paint their own piggy banks to take home.

"I don't have one and usually you have to just go buy one at the store and you don't get to paint it but here it's free and you get to paint it," said eight-year-old Angelo Lampro.

"I like to paint the piggy bank because it's really cute and fun and it's awesome," said eight-year-old Olive Smith.

Kids, Coins and Piggy Banks Day was made possible by a $500 grant from Umpqua Bank. Children had the chance to do activities, play games and learn about money management from bank representatives. Organizers say along with teaching kids about saving money, the goal of the event is to get children interested in the museum.

"I have a lot of people, when I work at the front desk, they tell me that they come in and they're really excited about the museum and they enjoy the exhibits, but they tell me when they're leaving, 'Man I haven't been here in 40 years.  I haven't been here since my third grade field trip.  So we're just trying to bring people in and remind them what an important source we are and how fun it can be and how interesting it can be," said Amber Mitchell, the Office and Events Manager for the Clarke Historical Museum.