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Cleaning up Cigarette butts with new ash receptacles in Arcata

ARCATA - Not only has smoking become an issue in Arcata, but the remnants of smoking are a cause of concern for environmentalists.

With the growing number of cigarette butts getting into waterways, The Northcoast Environmental Center took action.

The NEC was approved for a $2,500 Keep America Beautiful grant that will be used to buy eight new industrial strength ash receptacles. The NEC says, the new receptacles are visually pleasing and won’t detract from the beauty of Arcata.

They will be installed once council makes a decision on the new smoking boundaries.

"One of the goals is to help demarcate the line between where you are allowed to smoke and where you're not and overall, of course to help keep cigarette butts off the ground, because they're such a huge problem. They go into the creeks, they go into the bay, and they go into the ocean. If you walk around at all you see cigarette butts all over the streets and everything goes down stream, so it's been a huge problem," said NEC Coastal Programs Director, Jennifer Savage.