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Coast Guard Barracuda sent to Port Angeles for upgrades

MCKINLEYVILLE - A Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay cutter boat is out service and hundreds of miles away for some much needed upgrades.  

The 87 foot Barracuda, home-ported in Eureka, serves as the Coast Guard’s main boat for search and rescue missions, law enforcement and protecting marine resources. The boat has to be hoisted out of the water for maintenance and needs detail work every three years. The Barracuda is now in Port Angeles, Washington for a makeover by specialty craftsmen. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard will use it’s boat The Dorado.     

"As you can imagine after 17 years of being in this environment, its normal for them to need a face lift, So the cutter either goes up north to Port Angeles or south to the bay area and they get paint jobs, they redo a lot of the non-skid which is the deck areas and just check for normal functions, just to make sure that the barracuda can continue to serve the public for many years to come," said Coast Guard Surface Operations Lieutenant, Michelle Foster.