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Coast Guard operations on North Coast in new hands

MCKINLEYVILLE- U.S. Coast Guard rescue and search missions on the North Coast are under new authority. On Friday the Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay held a Change of Command Ceremony to instate a new commander.

“It's a pretty emotional ceremony but, like we talked about during the ceremony, it's a total transfer of authority from myself to the captain,” said former Commander Salvatore Palmeri. “One minute I'm the guy and the next minute he's the man in charge.”

Palmeri handed down his title to Captain Arthur Snyder during the ceremony at the Coast Guard’s McKinleyville site. The former commander is moving on work at the coast guard’s headquarters in Washington D.C. as the organization’s Chief of Aeronautical Engineering. At the ceremony Palmeri thanked his crew and said he would miss the North Coast.

Snyder will now have full command over Sector Humboldt Bay’s missions. He says that although the person in charge is changing, the public should not see a difference in service.

“I'm excited. I've been in the Coast Guard for 35 years and this is my first opportunity to command a unit so I couldn't be more excited,” Snyder said.