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Coast Guard saves two people from grounded vessel in Fort Bragg

Two Fort Bragg residents are recovering tonight after being rescued from their grounded vessel Sunday night near Glass Beach.

Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay said they received a mayday call just before 6 p.m. of a 32-foot vessel approximately 50 yards offshore on a reef.

The Coast Guard launched a vessel from Fort Bragg and a helicopter from the McKinleyville station. Sonoma County Emergency Medical Services and Fort Bragg Fire Department also responded. The Coast Guard was able to utilize their flight crew to save the two people. One person was still on the vessel while the other was in the water. It’s unclear if the person in the water attempted to swim to shore and was unable to, or if he was knocked out of the vessel due to the surf. 

Within an hour, the crew hoisted both people into the helicopter and landed on shore.

Fort Bragg Fire officials said the victims didn’t report any injuries.