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Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay annual training

MCKINLEYVILLE - If you happen to see orange helicopters or Coast Guard boats on the bay, there's no emergency. It's all part of Sector Humboldt Bay's annual two week training.

Instructors from the Aviation Training Center Mobile, are at Sector Humboldt Bay to evaluate each crew’s performance and ability to handle search and rescue missions and inflight emergencies.

Instructors are also focusing on standardization with pilots, flight mechanics and rescue swimmers, with the idea, that any member can be sent to a new area and easily adjust. 

"You know, our skills in aviation, being a pilot, a flight mechanic and a rescue swimmer, all those skills are very perishable. SO it's really important for us to remain proficient and stay on top our skills, which is why it's so important for them to come and evaluate us every year to make sure that we are doing things the way we need to be doing them. And despite all the intensive training over the next two weeks, the Coast Guard wants the public to know that our air station remains fully mission capable and we still stand ready to respond to any search and rescue case in our area," said Lieutenant Keith Roberts, Humboldt Bay Coast Guard Pilot.