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College of the Redwoods Faculty participate in Flex Days

EUREKA - Faculty members at College of the Redwoods are wrapping up preparations for the spring semester. 

Friday the faculty concluded it’s Flex Days activities; where professors become the students. Staff learns about professional development and effective teaching methods. Flex activities include, lectures that focus on statistics of previous students, that have or have not succeeded and reasons why. Plus, presentations on modern document research, online education information, and how to help students achieve their goals. 

"This year, student retention. We want to make sure that everything we're doing here is going to enhance the student experience. We want all students to be successful at College of the Redwoods and part of that, is what can we do, to make it a better experience for them. Part of that, is making sure our faculty is prepared. How to handle all our new equipment, how to use the new classrooms that we have, and that we've provided them with any information that they might need to help their students," said Associate Faculty and Flex Coordinator, Connie Carlson.