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College of the Redwoods maintains its fully accredited status

EUREKA- College of the Redwoods has maintained it's fully accredited status for the last year.

That's a milestone for the school, as it was only certified as being fully accredited last year, after the college was on Sanctioned accreditation for years.  Accreditation means a college can get federal aid for students and credits at the school can transfer to any university.  A sanctioned college means the school is still accredited, but must be assessed every year and school officials must regularly prepare reports.

"Now that we're on the regular cycle for evaluation and we'll only be visited when we do our comprehensive report, which is every six years, means that we can concentrate on the programs that we have set in place.  It takes a lot of effort and a lot of time to put together the reports and things that are needed for special visits by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, so now that we're not spending our time on those special visits or on those special reports, we have time to do the things that we're here to do, serving students," said Kathy Smith, the President/Superintendent of College of the Redwoods.

College of the Redwoods’ next comprehensive accreditation review is in 2017.